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About Us

J&G is one of the oldest companies on Guam, founded in 1945 by Kenneth T. Jones, and Segundo P. Leon Guerrero. Over the last 65 years, the company expanded to include retail, wholesale, construction, real estate development and management, and many other ventures, including the some of the first commercial hotels on Guam, the first fast food franchise, and other development projects on Guam, Saipan, and elsewhere in the Western Pacific.

Jones and Guerrero Company Inc. now functions as the parent company for several subsidiaries and divisions, including J and G Construction and Town House Inc. CNMI, and provides human resources, accounting, and legal services to many affiliated companies, including Town House Department Stores Inc. of Guam, Micronesian Brokers Inc., and Micronesian Brokers CNMI Inc.  The real estate holdings, such as J&G Commercial Plaza, Town House Center, and others are managed through the J&G corporate offices.  J&G is still majority-owned and managed by the Jones family, and is continuing its rich tradition of growth and community support and service throughout the region.  For questions about how we may be of assistance to you, or questions about any of J&G’s businesses.

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